Jason Aldean’s Patriotic Song Unfairly Pulled from CMT

Aldean Stands Up for American Values

We stand with you Jason!!! God bless the USA.

Country music star Jason Aldean has found himself at the center of controversy for his new song “Try That In a Small Town”. The song, which Aldean asserts is a tribute to the values of small-town America, has been unfairly accused of promoting gun violence and criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. Aldean has categorically denied these claims, calling them “not only meritless, but dangerous.”

Jason Aldean’s Patriotic Song Unfairly Pulled from CMT

Misinterpretation of the Song’s Message

The song, released in May, along with its accompanying music video, has been met with criticism from some quarters. However, many believe that these critics have misunderstood the song’s message. The song is a reflection of Aldean’s personal experiences and beliefs, and it is not an endorsement of violence or a critique of any social movement.

Unwarranted Backlash and Censorship

The backlash against the song has reached a point where CMT, a network dedicated to country music videos, has decided to pull the video from its rotation. This decision has sparked outrage among fans and observers who see it as an overreaction and a case of unwarranted censorship.

Aldean’s Defense of His Artistic Expression

Aldean took to social media to defend his song, stating that there is not a single lyric in the song that references race or promotes violence. He explained that the song is about the sense of community he experienced growing up in a small town, and his desire for a return to normalcy in the country. He emphasized that his song is a celebration of American values and traditions.

Song’s Success Despite Controversy

Despite the controversy, “Try That In a Small Town” has resonated with listeners across the country. The song peaked at No. 35 on Billboard’s Hot country songs chart in June and is currently No. 25 on the Billboard country airplay chart, proving that Aldean’s message of unity and community continues to strike a chord with the American public.

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