Joe Biden’s Career Has Sunk

The presidency of Joe Biden is currently under intense scrutiny due to a series of events that have raised questions about his judgment, competence, and empathy. The chaotic US exit from Afghanistan has been a significant point of criticism, with many questioning the administration’s planning and execution of the withdrawal. Despite Biden’s insistence that the withdrawal was not a failure, the rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the ensuing chaos have painted a different picture.

Joe Biden’s Career Has Sunk

Biden’s defensiveness and apparent changes of position during this crisis have not projected an image of confidence or competence. His credibility has been tarnished as his confident downplaying of the risks of the withdrawal has been repeatedly contradicted by events. This has given his political opponents an opportunity to attack his presidency, which until now has been a difficult target.

The President’s image abroad has also suffered. His promise to revive US relations with allies after declaring “America is back” following the Trump administration has been complicated by the potential abandonment of interpreters and other workers who helped US troops over the past 20 years.

Biden’s handling of the situation has not only damaged his reputation for competency but also exposed the cold-eyed calculation behind his foreign policy. His decision to leave Afghanistan, despite the potential repercussions for Afghan women and girls, indicates a prioritization of American lives over those of the Afghans who trusted the US.

The President is not being held accountable for the mistakes of previous administrations, but rather for his own failures in planning and executing the withdrawal, the slow processing of visas for Afghans, and the missed opportunity to evacuate American citizens earlier. These are issues that were within his power to influence and for which he must answer.

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